Toyota Intros First Thermally Efficient 2 ℓ Engine

The greatest amount of energy produced by internal combustion engines is wasted as heat instead of being converted into momentum for cars. This has been a major problem. However, reports are out that Toyota’s department of R&D has just created a four-cylinder, two-liter, “Dynamic Force Engine” (DFE) that is 40% more thermally efficient than traditional engines (which are just 20% thermally efficient) and 41% more when fitted to hybrid forms matching the 1.8-liter hybrid system in the latest Prius — just with a higher operation ceiling as a result of the new tech.

The Japanese carmaker says several improved components for its state-of-the-art New Generation Architecture (TNGA), to be included in its worldwide fleet of vehicles, will lower their CO2 emissions by a minimum of 18%.

Along with heat, the numerous systems needed to drive an engine all consume energy that might possibly be used to propel a vehicle. The DFE has polished piston sides that are mirror smooth to decrease resistance. They also contain thin furrows cut crosswise to increase their resistance to abrasion. Moreover, the head of the cylinder has been created with a highly efficient intake port.

A super powerful ignition coil burns each and every drop of gas from the multiple-hole direct injector. The engine employs a new form of Toyota’s D-4S uninterrupted injection system, which has for years been used in the Subaru BRZ and Toyota 86.

Not only does this clearly improve gas economy, but also enhances engine rotation by producing more torque than modern corresponding 2.0-liter engines at a lesser rpm of the engine. Perhaps mega numbers in horsepower are grabbing headlines, like the supercharged, ultra-fast, 800-Horsepower Yenko/SC Silverado designed by Specialty Vehicle Engineering, but Toyota’s engine is very efficient when talking about actual driving.

While Toyota has not yet revealed which vehicles will use what is to-date the most thermally competent 2-liter engine in the world, but it is presumed that cars like the Corolla designed with economy in mind with a similar-sized engine will encompass the new engines.