Bragi Dash Pro Introduces Translating Earbuds

Three years since launching the world’s first “truly wireless headphones,” award winning Bragi Dash has just released the Dash Pro — intelligent wireless earbuds with iTranslate integration that automatically translate foreign phrases it picks up in more than 40 languages into your own language in real-time removing language barriers — and of course true to Bragi, all hands-free and without the hassle of wires!

In theory, you could go to Italy and understand Italian people, as well as talk in English to an Italian if they’re wearing the same earbuds. In addition, Knowles adaptive versant 2.0 Technology lets the device’s headset receive clear calls in any environment as does its double-barrier ambient noise isolation. This could be the make or break feature if you’re on a business call in another language.

Redefining the revolutionary experience of the Dash Pro provides users with a one-touch easy Bluetooth pairing with iOS or Android devices, superior Bluetooth connection, and groundbreaking HD audio — enjoy up to 5 hours of music in crystal clear quality and thanks to its portable charging case, up to 30 hours on-the-go. It’s 4GB of onboard storage takes up to 1000 songs without the need for a separate music source if you want to leave your smartphone or tablet at home.

In fact, these earbuds are actually mini-computers. As with the original, it comes with activity tracking sensors so you can leave the fitness band at home during workouts. It measures steps, pace, time, cadence, g-force, and distance, while following body vitals. The device keeps track with the Bragi App, connects to your favorite activity and health app providers, and is IPX7 waterproof for depths of up to 1m. If you still want to hear what’s going on around you, the ambient noise feature allows sound to pass through.

More iTranslate X The Dash Pro features:

  • Comfort and reliable stability with 3 sizes of FitTips Pro (foam) and 4 sizes of FitSleeves (silicone).
  • 27 Sensors and an extremely fast 32-bit ARM processor in a sleek waterproof design.
  • Lightweight (less than 13.8 grams), shock-resistant, and water-resistant in-ear headphones, making for a durable piece of tech to survive daily use.
  • Three-point secure fit.
  • Response bandwidth of 20-20000 Hz, 10mW RMS output, and 16-bit stereo audio.
  • Onboard ear bone MEMS mic for hands-free calls over Bluetooth.
  • New audio-codec that improves the audio-passthrough feature.
  • riced on the company’s website at €349.00 incl. VAT.